Dive in, in an ocean of feelings, emotions & thoughts. Some places you'll relate while in some you'll find motivation & in a few you might want to shed a few tears too.


Hi, I am Lisha. 

Welcome to my blog. 

I really wish you enjoy reading my poems & keep visiting every time i post something new.

if you like what you read then do click the like button as a gesture of appreciation or may be leave a comment, i’d definitely love to know you opinions & suggestions as they say ‘ there is always a space for improvement ‘ 🙂


21 thoughts on “Home

  1. I Like your writing, Thank You!

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  2. Followed your Blog . Looking forward to read your poems . Keep writing ✍️ & keep shining

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  3. You have the talent of expressing your thoughts with words clearly. Keep up the good work. Good luck on writing more and more beautiful poems.

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      1. Do visit my blog at nalaemtonselvaraj.com and leave your thoughts. Hope you’ll love reading my poems. Have a wonderful day!


  4. Virendra Patwal March 21, 2020 — 6:13 pm

    Apki kalam kagaj se sedhe dil tak pahuchti hai .
    Keep it up.
    With lots of love

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  5. Thanks for finally talking about >Sonnets & Ode. – You Never Know Whose Poetry You’re 💕 <Liked it!


  6. I follow her on Twitter… I am a big big fan of her writing.. She pour her heart with her words.. Her every word comes from deep within her heart.. Very soulful.. Not many ppl write such beautifully these days.. Keep writing and keep growing.. Best of luck!

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    1. Thank you so much.. I’m overwhelmed.. ❤️


    1. thank you so much. 😃 this poem is very close to my heart.

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  7. I want nice poems here. Give me the poems. Poems are good for life.

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  8. Good work

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  9. Awesome buddy keep Goin

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    1. Thank you so much Karthik. 😊


      1. Amazing ✌️

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      2. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts. I am glad you liked my blog. 😇


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